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Bob Mehew gave a lecture at Euro Speleo in August 2016 on developing the rig and some early results.  Click here to read the slides and notes.

Welcome to this web site which is dedicated to providing information on the instrumented Rope Test Rig run by us. We are a small group of enthusiasts brought together by overlapping interests which have enabled us to develop an instrumented rope test rig which is capable of measuring both force and sample length with respect to time. Measuring force and sample length allows us to compute how much energy is consumed by the rope in halting (or not) the descent of the test mass, how much energy is then given back out and hence has been stored in the elastic behaviour and from the difference, how much energy has gone into "harming" the rope. In addition, since we measure both force and sample length with respect to time at sub milli second resolution, we can also test various mathematical theories of the behaviour of rope. Occasionally the rope breaks and we get a satisfying crash.

RIGWe invite you to read the linked pages and download other material related to our and other peoples' work.

If you wish to contact Bob Mehew please click here. His e-mail is under BCA Officials (rope testing) and fourth from the bottom. But don't expect quick replies!

We have been working on this rig for over 6 years to create instrumentation which can meet our requirements. We are about to move onto making measurements, though there remains one area where a further development is required. But we felt that it was worth launching this web site in advance of EuroSpeleo 2016, the 5th European Speleological Congress (see here) to be held in the United Kingdom. We shall not only be making a presentation at this congress but since the rig is located near bye, we shall also be putting on an open day where anyone can come and see the rig in operation and discuss detail.

Bob Mehew is the British Caving Association's Rope Test Officer. With a technical back ground in nuclear safety and an interest in applied mathematics, he asked the original question which lead to this development work.

Roy Rodgers brought a background of teaching A level physics to the work. This has ensured that our advances are rooted in true physical processes and also provides a useful common sense check on some of our more outlandish flights of fancy.

Alan Latchford worked with computers and also has an interest in electronics. He has come up with some interesting ideas for instrumentation (including the one which worked!) and processing data.

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