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        Various papers and lectures that the group have published.

  1. High speed camera of rope breaking : 2003 High Speed Camera work, : (Because this is an animated gif it has problems with certain browsers and anti-virus software, sometimes not easy to get working). This link is an animated gif file showing frames taken by a high speed camera at 55 micro second intervals. Due to the set up of the camera, downwards is to the right in the image. The two white arrows and one white line are fixed marker points to enable one to get a feel for the relative movements of the parts of the knot. The knot breaks at the first bend in line with theoretical predictions by Pieranski et al (see Pieranski et al ). Each black fleck on the rope is circa 2mm square and indicates that the rope end is travelling away from the knot at over 100m/s by the last frame.
  2. CIC 07 v3 : A lecture given to a group of professional cavers covering several topics including the European Standard for SRT rope, the British Caving Association's (BCA) rope test rig, knotability and breaking knots.
  3. BCRA Poster V4 : A poster produced for a symposium showing very early work with the rig.
  4. 2010 CREG Dynamic Rope Testing ver 2 2015 : An article in the the UK's Cave Radio and Electronics Group (CREG) journal explaining our early work on the rig providing some detail of the then state of the instrumentation.
  5. 2011 Rope Testing HE presented : A lecture given to the annual UK caving conference covering some of the maths behind rope behaviour, results and knot breaking, impact of defects and some results on some very used ropes.
  6. 2011 Should I Use a polypropylene Lifeline v5 : A small piece of work prompted by the title's question; answer - not if you value your life.
  7. 2012 CTG slides & notes : A lecture given to a caving technical group meeting covering the rig, knot breaking, confounding results from the rig, looking at the behaviour of some knots to dynamic testing and some mathematical theories.
  8. 2013 HE anchors and knots slides & notes : A lecture given to the annual UK caving conference reporting some work on a range of Y hang knots following the report of one catastrophically slipping when in use.
  9. 2014 Abusing Ropes BCA AGM slides & notes : A lecture at BCA's AGM presenting several rigs and results from dynamically testing different diameter ropes, different sample lengths and degradation with use.
  10. 2015 CREG Developing a Dynamic Rope tester Pt 2 : A second article in the CREG journal covering developing an instrument for measuring rope extension.
  11. Euro Speleo 2016 lecture 2.pdfThe slides and notes of a lecture given at the Euro Speleo Congress in the Yorkshire Dales, UK in August 2016. The lecture covered work done to develop a dynamic rope test rig to directly measure energy. Some early results are presented which indicates some ropes of the same diameter are stronger than others as measured by the amount of energy taken to break them.